Welcome to the Post Cookie era

The privacy-first platform for user identification and advertisement campaign measurement


Deliver meaningful ad experiences with a true cookieless deterministic and compliant user id


Connect your signed-in inventory to the ecosystem to leverage revenues


Seamlessly connect to websites and apps you like, customize you ad experience and manage your privacy in one place

Open to all

Easily create you account, whoever you are: publisher, advertiser, marketer, agency, etc.

Easy to setup

Put the tag on your website and voilĂ ! You have a cross-domain deterministic ID solution.

Deeply customizable

Precisely customize the behavior of the tag from the Aydify back-office or API.

Advanced use-cases

Leverage campaign optimization, audience analytics, attribution measurement and more !

Aydify was born from an awareness

Nowadays adtech industry is mainly trusted by walled gardens, for diffrents reasons.
At Aydify, we cannot settle with this idea. That's why our ambition is to give back a central role to the web citizens: users, content creators, brands, etc.

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